Watch Movements: Hattori / Seiko / Pulsar / Lorus / Shiojiri, 1E20, 5M42, 5M43, 7N39, 7N42, 7N82, V220, V653, V 657, V678, V810, VC00, VC 01, VC10, VD53, VD57, VD78, VD54,VJ12, VJ20, VJ21, VJ22, VJ32, VJ33, VJ34, VP32, VX00, VX3J, VX10, VX11


Watch Movements Hattori / Seiko / Pulsar / Lorus / Shiojiri are not alphabetically ordered.

The collection includes many watch movements and is changing constantly, the following watch movements are part of the collection:

Shiorjiri V220, Shiorjiri V653, Shiorjiri V657, Shiorjiri V678, Shiorjiri V810
Shiorjiri VC00, Shiorjiri VC01, Shiorjiri VC10
Shiorjiri VD53, Shiorjiri VD57, Shiorjiri VD78, Shiorjiri VD54
Shiorjiri VJ12, Shiorjiri VJ20, Shiorjiri VJ21, Shiorjiri VJ22, Shiorjiri VJ32, Shiorjiri VJ33, Shiorjiri VJ34,
Shiorjiri VP32
Shiorjiri VX00, Shiorjiri VX3J, Shiorjiri VX10, Shiorjiri VX11, Shiorjiri VX12, Shiorjiri VX19, Shiorjiri VX32, Shiorjiri VX42, Shiorjiri VX43, Shiorjiri VX50, Shiorjiri VX51
Shiorjiri Y120, Shiorjiri Y121,

Seiko 1E20, Seiko 4205B, Seiko 5M42 = Seiko 5M82, Seiko 5M43 = Seiko 5M83, Seiko 7S26, Seiko 7N39, Seiko 7N82, Seiko 7N83 Seiko 7N42, Seiko 7N43, 

1E20.20 Excampkle 1E20-551A, 
5M42= 5M62 = 5M82, 5M43= 5M63 = 5M83
7N39.10  Example KN 7N39-0A40
7N42 = VX42
7N43 = VX43
7N82.10  Example KN 7N82-0GTO