Crown Gauges

This crown gauge is for measuring threads of crows, diameters of crowns.

It can also measure the thread of stems and the diameters of pendant tubes.



Mechanical Watch Testing

Used for testing mechanical watches.

Large LCD screen

Will calculate the rate deviation, amplitude and beat error and display them in real time

Technical Specifications:

Rate: -999 s/d - +999 s/d (Accuracy +/-1s/day) Amplitude: 100°- 360° (Accuracy : +/-1°) Beat error: 0 - 9.9ms (Accuracy : +/-0.1ms)


Lepsi Watch Scope

€400.00 €350.00

Lepsi Watch Scope

€400.00 €350.00

The Lepsi Watch Scope is a professional and easy-to-use instrument for measuring the performance of your mechanical watch.

It measures the rate variation, the amplitude, frequency, beat error and lift angle in just seconds and with exceptional accuracy. After the calibration against the atomic clock, the Watch Scope is accurate to 0.1 second per day (s/d) when measuring the timepiece accuracy rate.
The Watch Scope can be used in multiple positions. It is the only watch analyzer able to measure your watch when it is worn.

The device is operated via a self explaining and free App. Connect the Watch Scope to your device, click on Start, and the Watch Scope will take care of everything. In the application it is also possible to store watch collections and record their measurements.

Compatible mechanical watches (automatic or not) with the following frequencies (automatically detected): 14.400 a/h, 16200 a/h, 18.000 a/h, 19.800 a/h, 21.600 a/h, 23.400 a/h, 25.200 a/h, 28.800 a/h, 36.000 a/h, 72.000 a/h. That is to say 99% of mechanical watches

Compatible with: iOS, Android, Windows 10

App available in the following languages: German, English, French, Japanese, simplified Chinese

Ring Measuring

Ring gauge set size 41 - 76 mm circumference.

Contains 36 rings and a ring stick.

Available with flat or cambered.


This digital pocket scale is easy to use and easy to read. The LCD display shows the weight with an accuracy of 0.1g. It has a tare option and an automatic switch-off function.

    Technical specifications

    • Material: plastic
    • Readability: 0.1 g
    • Max. Weighing capacity: 0 - 200 g
    • Selectable units: g - oz - ozt - dwt
    • Dimensions: 134 x 60 x 19 mm

    Waterproof Testing

    Sold out

    Waterproof Tester

    Sold out

    6 Bar Test. Air pressure of up to 6 atmospheres.
    The tester allows the watch to be in normal wearing condition and shows leaks with bubbles.

    Chamber diameter 60mm