Cleaning Liquids

Watch or clock cleaning agent concentrate 1 : 9
(1 part Gelbar, 9 parts water)

Content: 1 Liter

Cleaning Agent Tickopur RW 77, 1 liter

For jewellery and imitations, metal watchbands, coins,
housings fine-precision parts, clocks etc.
To be mixed with water at the rate of 1 : 9.
Slightly oxidising.
Ideal for ultrasonic tanks.

Elma Suprol pro

Water-free, ready for use rinsing solution for watches and
clocks in cleaning machines
New formula

- Rinses off all residues of cleaning solution and removed
- Excellent distribution characteristics, fast drying

Elma Suprol pro is also suitable for rinsing and water
replacement and drying of metal precision parts.
It does not contain benzene or other condensed hydrocarbons.

Content: 5 liter

Elma WF pro

Water-free ready for use cleaning solution for cleaning
disassembled and assembled mechanical watches in
cleaning machines

- Stable micro-emulsion, particularly with regard to heating
caused by ultrasound, entrainment of moisture and effects
caused by vacuum. No milky or unwanted precipitation even
after long usage.
- Optimized for ultrasonic cleaning
- Tried and tested in vacuum cleaning
- Strong deoxidizing action and clear brightening for non-
ferrous and precious metal alloys
- Removes even highly resinified oils
- Very high stability for water absorption with respect to
humidity in (sub)tropical climates or in the case of moisture
traces on the parts to be cleaned
- The moisture is removed from the workpieces. They are
absolutely free of water after the cleaning and rising.

Content: 5 liter
Hazardous good: YES