Abrasive Blocks and Wheels


Set of 3 double-sided countersinks made from hardened steel.
Ø 5,80 - 5,00
Ø 3,80 - 3,40
Ø 2,35 - 2,10

Cutting Broaches


Fibreglass Eraser

Sold out

Augusta Fiberglass Eraser

Sold out

Augusta Fiberglass Eraser


Fiberglass eraser to remove rust, polish or to clean surfaces with replaceable inserts.

Polishing Gloves

Polishing gloves with PU coating on nylon basis.

The gloves have a very good sensitivity and are resistant to heating while polishing. It is made from thin material with a comfortable fit.



Pliers, Cutters & Tongs


This Carbide Scriber has a durable etching point for various materials.

The knurled handle provides extra grip.

Works well on metals, ceramics and glass.





Taps & Dies