Abrasive Blocks and Wheels


Set of 3 double-sided countersinks made from hardened steel.
Ø 5,80 - 5,00
Ø 3,80 - 3,40
Ø 2,35 - 2,10

Cutting Broaches


Fibreglass Eraser

Fiberglass eraser to remove rust, polish or to clean surfaces with replaceable inserts.

Polishing Gloves

Polishing gloves with PU coating on nylon basis.

The gloves have a very good sensitivity and are resistant to heating while polishing. It is made from thin material with a comfortable fit.



Pliers, Cutters & Tongs


This Carbide Scriber has a durable etching point for various materials.

The knurled handle provides extra grip.

Works well on metals, ceramics and glass.





Taps & Dies