Glass polish

High-tech scratch remover for glass. Removes fine, light, and medium deep scratches from glass watch crystals. You can achieve professional results with this high-tech polish technology.

Simple 2-Component-System:

Step 1 - the High-Tech Diamond Repair-Polish removes the scratches.

Step 2 - the Diamond Finishing-Polish polishes on high gloss.

  • Suitable for all glass qualities
  • Easy and effective application
  • Eliminates expensive repairs
  • 1 Repair dispenser
  • 1 finishing dispenser
  • 1 polishing rod
  • 2 x 6 polishing strips

Polywatch Plastic Polish - Scratch Remover

Polishing pastes

Dialux Red
Dialux Green
Dialux White
Dialux Blue
Dialux Grey

Polishing brushes

Soft Quilted buff, for polishing

Emery Sticks

Emery Stick Flat

Abrasive Blocks

A multi-purpose abrasive cleaner, impregnated throughout with sharp abrasive grit

80 x 50 x 20mm

Abrasive Flap Wheels

These flap wheels are made from compressed materials of a high quality. Gives a matt or satin finish to most metals.

Circular Brush

Circular Brush Brass Ø 80 mm, wire 0,80 mm
Circular Brush Brass Ø 100 mm, wire 0,80 mm