Bracelet Holding Blocks

Bracelet holding block with four pinholders made from plastic.

Hole Punchers

Watch strap hole cutter to cut clean holes.

2 x 1.5mm

2 x 2.0mm

2 x 2.5mm

Spring Bar Removers

This plier is used to set and remove spring bars with great ease.
Different to other spring bar tools you can push both ends of the spring bar at the same time, this allows a very quick change of the wristband.

Spring bar remover Bergeon 6767F & 7767F

Ends made from hardened tempering steel.

Available in two types. Both types have fine end.

Fine end for Bergeon springbar remover


Spring bar remover with forked and pointed shapes. The black handle shows measurements in mm and inches.


Fine end, for springbar remover