Watch Movements: Citizen / Miyota


Watch Movements: Citizen / Miyota


Citizen and Miyota watch movements. The collection includes many watch movements and is changing constantly, the following watch movements are part of the collection: 

OS10, OS11, OS20, OS21, OS60, OS62, OS80

1L12, 1L15, 1L22, 1L32, 1L36, 1L45, 1M12, 1S13D3

2015, 2035, 2105,2115, 2315,3220


5R21, 5Y20, 5Y30, 

6L12, 6L71, 6L76, 6N10, 6P27, 6P29, 6W50, 6W60, 6W70 

9T22, 9T33


FS00, FS01, FS20

GL20, GL30, GM10