Lorsa P72 A, HS P72A


Our selection of spare watch parts for this calibre: Lorsa P72 A, HS P72A

Basic off this calibre is: Lorsa P62

Our selection of spare watch parts for this calibre: Lorsa P62, HS P62

For this calibre we acknowledge the following parts as a base:


182 Barrel (drum and cover) 

195 Barrel arbor

200 Center wheel with cannon pinion

201 Center wheel without cannon pinion

203 Center wheel and pinion intermediaire

206 Center wheel drilled without pinion

210 Third wheel

220 Fourth wheel, second wheel

224 Fourth wheel long pivot

227 Sweep second wheel

240 Cannon pinion

245 Cannon pinion for sweep second wheel

250 Hour wheel

260 Minute wheel

275 Sweep second pinion

301 Regulator for flat hairspring

307 Regulator for breguet hairspring

401 Stem

404 Stem male/female

407 Clutch wheel

410 Winding pinion

415 Ratched wheel

420 Crown wheel

422 Crown wheel ring

423 Crown wheel core, upper

425 Click

430 Click spring

434 Clicking spring

435 Yoke

437 Rocking bar

440 Yoke spring

443 Setting lever

445 Setting lever spring

453 Intermediate setting wheel

462 Minute work cock

704 Escape wheel for lower endpiece

705 Escape wheel  

710 Juwelled pallet fork

711 Pallet with lower endstone

721 Balance complete

723 Balance staff

728 Balance staff

730 Plateau

771 Mainspring

790 Pin escape wheel

792 Balance staff

797 Pin pallet fork for roller

798 Finger

800 Pin pallet fork for finger


If the part you need it not available or listed, do not hesitate to contact us.

Below figure is an example for this calibre type: