Seiko 6146-8000, Glass, crown, hand


Seiko case number: 6146-8000

Glass 310T40ANS, 310T48ANS ( steel)
Glass 310T40ANG, 310T48ANG ( gold)

Crown 55W08NS ( Steel)
Crown 55W08NG ( Gold)

Second hand 3BA125F1BNS ( steel) 

Steel Glass 310T16ANS, 310T18ANS, 310T40ANS, 310T48ANS, 310T48ANA0
Gold color Glass 310T16ANG, 310T18ANG, 310T40ANG, 310T48ANG 

The glasses 310T16, 310T18, 310T40, 310T48 are replaceable with each other.